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Porcelain Veneers San Diego

If you are considering a Smile Makeover, then you should be sure to ask La Jolla Veneers Dentist Dr. Briscoe about the benefits of getting porcelain veneers. Dental porcelain veneers are very thin, custom-made, tooth-shaped pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the front and biting edges of teeth to create a beautiful, natural smile.

Veneers Dentist San Diego Porcelain Veneers San Diego

Porcelain Veneers with Dr. Briscoe

Dr. Charles Briscoe has been crafting and placing porcelain veneers for more than 30 years, and with his advanced training in cosmetic procedures is renowned as the best cosmetic dentists in the area. In just one short week, using porcelain veneers, Dr. Briscoe can give you a smile that is straight, white and perfectly fitted to your facial features.

Chipped, cracked, and discolored teeth can take a toll on self-confidence and therefore success in business and personal relationships. As one of the top veneers dentists San Diego has available, Dr. Briscoe takes great pride in helping people from all walks of life restore the true beauty of their teeth, giving them back their confidence and a reason to smile. He not only has the decades of experience to provide the perfect size, shape, and color of veneer but can do this in a fraction of the time it takes others to create similar custom veneers. The before and after photos of his many happy patients below clearly demonstrate why men and women of all ages come to him for the best porcelain veneers San Diego has available.

Porcelain veneers are a dream come true for people who have been in despair about their smile. Dr. Briscoe often sees patients who come to him to find out what can be done to correct a smile that has lost its luster over the years. Others come to him because they feel they have lost the competitive edge in their career due to cosmetic flaws in their smile. They are universally delighted to learn how effective porcelain veneers are in eliminating an embarrassing facial feature and replacing it with an engaging and brilliant smile. Porcelain veneers in San Diego are popular because they boost self esteem and confidence. This is particularly important to those who rely on a warm friendly and engaging smile in their career.

Having porcelain veneers is a very straightforward procedure, yet so many patients come to Dr. Briscoe because their veneers are showing their age or worse, they do not look like they belong to the patient. As a leading veneers dentist in San Diego, he routinely gives these patients the smile they were hoping to achieve with veneers. Patients leaving his office have a smile that fits their face.

The process begins with a visit to Dr. Briscoe’s office where the patient’s vision for their smile is discussed. Many patients take the opportunity to correct other dental flaws or gum disease before porcelain veneers are placed and if this is needed, Dr. Briscoe will incorporate this into the plan.

Impressions are taken of the teeth allowing Dr. Briscoe to create a model which shows the patient in three dimensions exactly how they will look. His attention to details such as this, added to his artistic perception is what sets him apart from any other veneers dentist in San Diego. While photos go a long way in helping patients see what the result of their smile makeover will be, this modeling technique clearly reflects the final result.

During the next appointment, the temporary veneers are placed and then patients spend a week or so deciding if this new smile is meeting expectations. If not, the veneers are adjusted until the patient is completely happy. The permanent veneers are then bonded into place and the process is done. There is virtually no recovery time with porcelain veneers and many people report that they look ten to fifteen years younger. Porcelain veneers are as strong and durable as natural teeth and can strengthen and align the bite making them not only cosmetically beautiful, but functionally stronger. Dr. Briscoe has placed thousands of porcelain veneers in his San Diego office and is a top cosmetic dentist fully up to date on all the latest advances in this life changing procedure.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith was recently recognized as the #1 leadership thinker in the world at the bi-annual Thinkers50 ceremony sponsored by the Harvard Business Review.

Because he is a best-selling author and a public figure, Marshall’s picture is everywhere. He wanted a great smile and feels that Dr. Briscoe gave him just the right look – and we agree.

Marshall describes his experience with Dr. Briscoe with great praise

"I am the author of three Wall Street Journal best sellers. and my clients are CEOs or could-be CEOs of huge companies. Often huge pictures of my face are posted wherever I am speaking, so my smile and how it looks is very important.

"I'd like to give my highest recommendation to Dr. Briscoe’s office. They are very sensitive people, they are always positive and upbeat, they are cognizant of patient concerns and how the patient feels during the process, and most important for me, they do a great job!"

Marshall Goldsmith

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

As a top veneers dentist in San Diego, Dr. Briscoe's expertise with porcelain veneers makes it possible for him to create Smile Makeovers rapidly, for patients of all ages. Here are some of the benefits his patients have found with their veneers:

  • Spaces between teeth have been closed.
  • Teeth are lengthened to a desired length.
  • Teeth can be repositioned to a more desirable position.
  • Teeth that are worn or chipped or badly formed at birth are reshaped.
  • Smiles are rejuvenated by permanently whitening teeth that were severely discolored or stained.
  • Teeth that have been weakened over the years by wear are strengthened. Studies show that worn teeth can be strengthened by 95% of their original strength using porcelain laminate veneers.
  • Dental porcelain veneers are fast and predictable. Two visits will give you beautiful, functional, and healthy results.
  • Today's improved porcelain and dental bonding materials allow little or no reduction of the tooth structure.
  • The emotional lift is enormous for a patient going from a dark, dingy, aged smile to a lighter, brighter, more youthful smile.
  • Patients uniformly report improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

Porcelain Veneer Results

Porcelain Veneers

Mature businessman who desired to upgrade his mouth and attain a more youthful smile. We began by restoring his upper front teeth with porcelain veneers and all porcelain crowns on his back teeth. Later, we completed his smile makeover by restoring his lower teeth with all porcelain crowns and veneers. He now sports a big, handsome smile and absolutely loves his new dental veneers from San Diego dentist Dr. Briscoe.

Porcelain Veneers Before And After

Young grandmother who desired to open her bite so as not to close down so far. We created crowns and dental porcelain veneers on all her teeth, lengthening them in the process. The result, a whiter, brighter, fuller smile and fewer wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.


Attractive homemaker who wanted a Smile Makeover to close the space between her teeth and permanently whiten her smile. We created crowns and dental porcelain veneers on all her teeth, placed ten porcelain veneers on the top teeth to close the space, brighten her smile, and broaden the smile.

San Diego Porcelain Veneers

Local traveler and adventurer who wanted to upgrade her smile. Her old porcelain veneers were in need of updating. We replaced the original four veneers and added more veneers to broaden the smile with beautiful white porcelain veneers at our San Diego dental office. Results: an updated look.

Retired educator who had thinning, worn front teeth from years of attrition and erosion. We created four porcelain veneers in a very natural appearing shade to complement her existing teeth.

Attractive socialite who wanted a whiter smile.

Young-at-heart homemaker who wanted a younger smile.

Attractive community activist who wanted to upgrade her smile with new veneers and porcelain crowns.

Beautiful business woman who wanted a brighter, whiter smile.

Gorgeous La Jolla socialite who had veneers years ago but now wanted a more updated look.

Retired professional who desired a more youthful and brighter smile.

See more porcelain veneers in our Smile Gallery

How do you know if porcelain veneers are right for you?

Veneers Dentist La Jolla

In a consultation, Dr. Briscoe will help you decide if Porcelain Veneers should be part of your Smile Makeover.

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for veneers is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Briscoe. In a consultation, you can ask all of your questions, and find out how we can provide you with the best porcelain veneers San Diego has to offer.

For a consultation with Dr. Charles Briscoe, please call us at (858) 997-2879 or click here to schedule online.


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