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Mature Adult Dentistry

Dr. Charles Briscoe understands the needs and problems that face his 50+ patients, and can expertly and rapidly repair the difficulties they experience through dentistry for seniors. A great smile can rejuvenate your looks faster than anything. Your teeth and gums can be restored to complete health and function — and you can have a beautiful smile, crafted expertly by Dr. Briscoe at La Jolla Dental Care.

Rejuvenate your smile

As we get older, our dental needs change. We still want to have beautiful and healthy smiles, but often the health of our mouth has been compromised. Food and drinks cause our teeth to yellow with age; use grinds them down or causes decay. Very often, periodontal disease creeps in, and our teeth can become loose, fall out, crack, break or chip.

With excellent planning and the latest dentistry technology available for seniors, Dr. Briscoe can restore your smile to complete health, function and beauty — all in a surprisingly short period of time!

Ask Dr. Briscoe how you can take years off your appearance

La Jolla Dental Care offers a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry options for seniors who want to rejuvenate their smile. Patients of award-winning cosmetic dentist Dr. Briscoe are very pleasantly surprised by how easy and quick it is to look dramatically younger with our simple and painless cosmetic dental procedures.

The difference with getting cosmetic dental work performed at La Jolla Dental Care is that Dr. Briscoe is an expert cosmetic dentist, with over 30 years of experience, resulting in a perfect smile customized for your unique face. Even more, you won't wait for months to get the perfect, youthful smile you've been dreaming of.

youthful smile you've been dreaming of.

The only step that you need to take is to decide if you're ready for the happiness and excitement that looking younger and feeling great will bring.

No matter how long it's been since you've visited a dentist or how much work you think needs to be done, Dr. Briscoe has the right solution for you. The question is, are you ready for your perfect smile?

Our rejuvenating dental procedures

Your smile is unique, and so are the different dentistry techniques Dr. Briscoe employs for seniors in restoring the beauty of their teeth. When you come to see Dr. Briscoe for a consultation at his La Jolla dental spa, he will work with you to develop a plan to give you the youthful smile you've always wanted.

To learn more about our different procedures, please click on a link below:

Pilar Jensen is one of La Jolla's special ladies, and a former fashion model. She has been a La Jolla resident for 42 years, and loves the city more and more each year!

Pilar owned and operated Pilar's Swimsuit Shop for 30 years, building the shop by designing and providing swimsuits for women of all ages and body types. When she eventually sold the store, she retired to enjoy life, family, friends and travel.

Along the way, Pilar came to Dr. Briscoe for porcelain veneers, knowing he is an expert in dentistry for seniors. Pilar had porcelain veneers made for her front teeth, and now the overlaps she once had are gone, and the shade has been significantly improved. Now Pilar has a beautiful, youthful smile to show off on her travels and at home in La Jolla.

See more Smile Makeover results in our Smile Gallery

How do you know which Makeover procedure will restore your smile?

In a Consultation, Dr. Briscoe will explain what you need to do to restore your smile.

The best way to find out about dentistry for seniors and the Smile Makeover is to schedule a consultation with top San Diego dentist, Dr. Briscoe at his dental office. In a consultation, you can ask all of your questions, and find out what exactly you need to restore your smile in the way that you want.

For a consultation with Dr. Charles Briscoe, please call us at (858) 281-4121 or click here to schedule online.


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