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What is Snap-On Smile?

Dr. Michael Han in San Diego is one of the select dentists in San Diego to offer Snap-On Smile. This procedure quite possibly is the fastest and most affordable solution for people who want great teeth without the cost of cosmetic veneers.

Snap-On Smile is a quick and affordable solution for patients who want their teeth to look and function better. There are no shots, drills, nor adhesives. It is a great option for patients looking for a non-invasive, reversible, and affordable approach to cosmetic dental work.

People who have received their Snap-On Smile rave about how much better they look afterwards, and how much of a confidence booster it is. Your teeth are such a noticeable part of your appearance, and because crooked or missing teeth can severely diminish this, Snap-On Smile is a great way to give you an instant confidence booster and drastically improve your look.

Snap on Smile logoPatients are continually raving about how much better they look after receiving their Snap-On Smile. A person teeth are such a noticeable part of their appearance, and because crooked, broken, or missing teeth can severly deminish this, Snap-On Smile is a perfect way to give back a person's confidence and drastically improve their look.

How does Snap-On Smile work?

The process starts by making an exact mold of your teeth. We then work with the Snap-On Smile laboratory, using their patented process, to make a custom smile specifically for you. The Snap-On Smile will simply snap over your own teeth to create a new, natural looking set of teeth. The Snap-On Smile appliance is non-invasive and removable.

Who can use Snap-On Smile?

Almost any person with teeth is eligible for a Snap-On Smile. It can be used for:

  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Cosmetic partial denture
  • Temporary for implants
  • Treating short teeth due to grinding

Can I use my Snap-On Smile every day? Can I eat every meal with it?

You can eat eat and drink with it at any meal. You can wear it all day every day, you just need to remove it when you sleep.

How long does the appliance last?

Snap-On Smile has a 12 month limited warranty. It will usually last between 2 to 5 years with proper care.

Does Snap-on Smile hurt?

No, Snap-On Smile's procedure is painless.

Will Snap-on Smile Damage My Teeth?

No, your own natural teeth will be undamaged from using your Snap-On Smile.

How Do I Clean My Snap-On Smile?

There is a special cleaner you will receive when get your Snap On Smile from Dr. Han at his office in La Jolla. Dr. Han will go over how to use it and ensure you know what to do.

Can I Choose What My Snap-On Smile Looks Like?

Yes, you can help pick out the style and color shade of your new smile. We want to be sure you can get the exact look you want.

If you are looking for Snap On Smile in the La Jolla or San Diego area, give us a call today to get started. As a leading Snap On Smile dentist, Dr. Han can help you create the smile you have always wanted.

Cosmetic Removable Partial Denture

Before and after Snap on Smile in La Jolla with Dr. Han

Cosmetic Smile Enhancement

Before and after Snap on Smile in La Jolla with Dr. Han

Implant Temporary Restoration

Before and after Snap on Smile in La Jolla with Dr. Han

Raising Vertical Dimension

Before and after Snap on Smile in La Jolla with Dr. Han

Conditions May Apply:

  • Offer does not apply for patients with insurance
  • Supporting procedures (if needed) are additional
  • Can not combine with any other special offers
  • Other conditions and limitations may apply.
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For a consultation with Dr. Han, please call us at (858) 281-4121 or click here to schedule online.


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