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Case History: Mr & Mrs. Bottoms

Mr. Albert Bottoms is a researcher, a writer, and a world traveler. In his early eighties, he doesn't travel as much, but he is as sharp as ever. He knew that his worn, broken-down front teeth were not going to hold up much longer, and they certainly did not have the appearance he recalled them having in years gone by.

Mr. Bottoms wanted good-looking teeth that were strong but smooth, to facilitate cleaning. The old jagged-edged fillings in the teeth retained plaque and food particles, and shredded his floss. Dr. Briscoe had just the solution: Porcelain Laminate Veneers. First he removed the old filling material and decay. Then he gave strength back to the teeth by laminating them with a veneer of porcelain: strong, conservative and natural appearing.

His own smile revitalized, Mr. Bottoms brought his wife, Marjorie, to see Dr. Briscoe, hoping to help her have a great smile, too. Mrs. B. had some crooked, overlapping teeth, but Dr. Briscoe was able to give her a beautiful smile using a process called "instant orthodontics." The transformation was fast, but it took years off of her appearance.

"Over a year ago it was becoming clear that both the appearance and the function of my teeth were deteriorating. I had not realized that with the deterioration of appearance went a loss of self-confidence.

"Dr. Briscoe enhanced my smile. At no time during the process did I view the experience as the least bit traumatizing, painful or inconvenient. Thanks to Dr. Briscoe's skill and that of his staff, there was a minimum effect on my normal routine.

"Dr. Briscoe's office incorporates the latest in design, technology and equipment. Architecturally, everything projects calm and relaxation. The patient can even watch a movie! I can enthusiastically recommend Dr. Briscoe to friends and associates." Albert Bottoms

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