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Case History: Alison Henry

Alison has been part of La Jolla for many years. She and her attorney husband, Tom, provide legal services in the area of estate management. Alison is a very attractive lady with a broad smile that showed many teeth. The problem for Alison was that some of her teeth were twisted and overlapped. We discussed her options over a period of time while she was in to have her teeth cleaned.

We tried whitening, and while the teeth got whiter, the overlaps and rotated teeth didn't budge. No surprise!

Alison and her husband were slowing down their lifestyle and getting ready to relocate to New Mexico when she decided to move forward with creating a bright, white, sparkling smile. We needed only two visits to accomplish her goal with the top teeth, and two more visits to do the same with her lower teeth.

Alison has never looked back. She loves her new smile with teeth that are permanently white.

As she is back in the area periodically, we still clean her teeth and admire that gorgeous smile. Her husband, Tom, regularly admires the portrait hanging in his home office. We had the portrait taken and gave it as a gift. He told us what a lucky guy he is to have such a beautiful wife with a gorgeous white smile.

"When Dr. Briscoe started talking to me about having some cosmetic dentistry procedures done I was not very much for it. It was pretty scary and I made him wait two years before I made a decision.

"I have to say, I'm completely pleased with what he's done for my smile and for my confidence. I was always socially nervous in public because of my smile and I think it has contributed to my overall health and the health of my gums and definitely my confidence. I just feel great about it. The procedure was amazing — very involved but not a moment of pain. He is so gentle and his staff is so competent. I would recommend this to anybody." Alison Henry

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